Once your volunteer service with Birthright Armenia comes to an end, your engagement with the organization and Armenian doesn’t stop there. In many ways, this is actually when it deepens, as there are so many ways to stay involved.

As an Ambassador of your region, you will continue your involvement by connecting with young Armenians and your community members to inform them of Birthright Armenia, network with fellow alums in projects and reunions, represent Birthright Armenia at special events, seminars, conferences and much more. Ambassadors are nominated and elected for a one year term.

With the active participation of our ever growing alumni network, we can make the mission of Birthright Armenia and its positive impact on this and future generations of leaders a common household name—and help make the experience in Armenia a rite of passage for all young Armenians across the globe!

To learn more about how you could nominate or become an Ambassador email

Meet our 2019 Ambassadors

“As Ambassador of Montreal, I am ecstatic about the upcoming opportunities to help people understand the value of joining a program like Birthright Armenia. It will be my role to exhibit the sheer excitement and wonder from discovering your roots to building lifelong friends; you can find it all with Birthright Armenia!”

- Arianée Karakashian (2015 Montréal, Canada)

“The 4 months I spent in Hayastan with BR/DH was the most rewarding experience of my life. It allowed me to develop a much deeper and extraordinary relationship with our beautiful country, and I look forward to working with my fellow alums who have felt the same, so together we can always keep the fire burning, for us and for Armenia.”

– Misag Belian (2017 Toronto, Canada)

“We may be far away from our Ancestral lands, but through Birthright Armenia we are given an unsurpassed opportunity to discover in the flesh the majesty of our homeland. It is my mission to provide every Australian-Armenian with the knowledge that Birthright Armenia exists for them – waiting to facilitate their journey of self-discovery.”

- Johannes Michaelian (2016 Sydney, Australia)

"As an Alumni and Ambassador of Birthright Armenia in Sydney, I look forward to sharing my story and encouraging young Armenians who live in Australia to get out of their comfort zones, and be part of the growth and prosperity of our great nation and country - Armenia.”

– Nareg Dekermenjian (2017 Sydney, Australia)

“As a Diasporan (currently at least) who is heavily involved in my Armenian community, I believe that being actively Armenian is a part-time job in and of itself; as Armenians living outside the homeland, we have a duty to be engaged in whatever capacity. I hope to help bridge the gap between Birthright alumni and local Armenian involvement, as well as to continue to promote participation in the program and repatriation for fellow LA alums.”

- Elia Bilemjian (2016 Los Angeles)

“To this day, my Birthright experience has been the very best experience of my life! Every Armenian I met, I always encourage them to apply and tell everyone they know about the program. I have only positive things to say about my entire Birthright experience and love enlightening others on how amazing Armenia is and how they need to go ASAP!! Armenia needs more awareness and people to spread around the goodness it has to offer. Live. Love. Armenia!”

– Sascha Sabrina Aref (2013 Los Angeles)

“There is something deeply magical and transformative about living in Armenia. Birthright Armenia provides the Armenian diaspora the opportunity to experience their ancestral heritage in a truly meaningful and profound way. As the Co-Ambassador of DC, I’m excited to share Birthright Armenia’s mission and values among the community of the Armenian youth and reignite the passion we all have for our ancestral roots.”

– Natalie Grigorian Sigmund (2006, Washington, D.C.)

“Birthright Armenia provides the opportunity to meet many diverse, warm, and creative Armenians. It reminds us that we are great, and encourages us to explore the complexities of our culture. I am excited to be a co-ambassador for New England, and to continue to engage the Midwest community.”

– Meline Topouzian (2013 Boston)

“My Birthright Armenia experience kick started my love for Armenia and I have been involved in and led various projects in Armenia ever since. I am excited to serve as the Birthright Armenia Co-Ambassador and share my story, experiences and passion with other young Armenians in the area.”

– Serda Ozbenian (2010 Washington, D.C.)

"BR Armenia is an energetic organization that connects young Armenians from all over the world to their heritage & roots. It is a privilege and an honor to be a co-ambassador for the New England/Boston area. My goal is to connect alums and encourage them to share their experiences so that others will also participate in this exciting journey of self-discovery. "

- Talish Aghababayan (2013 Boston)

"In all the times I had been to Armenia, never was it like my time with Birthright Armenia. For the first time ever, I LIVED in Armenia, I LEARNED about humanity, friendship, and ambition, I MET people from all over the world, I FELL IN LOVE with my country, my language, and my people more than ever before. This is exactly what I want to transmit to the Armenians in France, and elsewhere. It is difficult for many diasporas to stay in touch with their heritage, therefore I think that encouraging young people to do BR would lead them to create this link."

- Nora Barghoudian (2018, France)

"My experience with Birthright Armenia changed my life in many ways, and I would like to encourage my fellow Armenians in France to make the step to come to our beautiful country. The real highlight of my experience was the friendships I created with people who shared the same values and came from all around the world. As Ambassador, I would love to share my experience and show others all that Armenia has to offer, in the end we receive way more than we give."

- Astrik Aroutiounian (2016, France)