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Rafael Papazyan
Russia 2023 participant
27 Feb, 2024

Is it even legal to be that cool?

2 min read

Today is exactly 2 months since I came to Yerevan and now I will tell you about this amazing experience. I knew about the Birthright Armenia program from a friend, in the middle of October he offered me to go with him, without thinking for a long time, I got acquainted with the program on the website, submitted an application, contacted the mentor and after 2 weeks came to Yerevan.

Birthright Armenia and its support

If you still don't know what Birthright Armenia is, I will tell you. This is a team of incredibly pleasant and competent people, who help you with anything you have to worry about. The organization pieces of living, volunteering, activities, and opportunities for personal development, wonderful employees of BR Armenia take care of all this every day. Despite the fact that my friend and I gathered quickly enough to come to Yerevan as volunteers, they were able to prepare several offers for us for work, and also organized living places. I'm a singer and masseur, even in Russia it's not easy to find a job, but after 3 days I was already at the interview and started the job. During this time, I managed to meet and work with many creative people in Yerevan, this is very important for me and this is a very cool opportunity. Now I will talk about everything a little bit.

About the host family. I was lucky to live with David. An incredibly educated and hospitable person. We found a common language quite quickly, I was especially lucky that he is a teacher, because he constantly helps me with learning the Armenian language. Despite the fact that I am a guest, I feel at home here, thanks to Davit very much for that. In short, now I have another older brother. On one of the first days, BR Armenia advised the participants of the program to get involved as much as possible in the daily life of the locals, to accept invitations to different events, and visit. This is to say that during those two months I visited various Armenian theaters and other events, met some very nice people, and discovered various interesting opportunities to develop my creativity. In general, it’s important to try to engage in the environment, to open up to what is happening, it incredibly changes the perception.

About activities and development. Every week they organize very interesting excursions and forums for the volunteers, and try to create as much space as possible for them to spend their time in a positive way. Twice a week we have Armenian language classes. I came here with zero knowledge, but now after two months I have improved my skills, I understand a lot and I can speak in everyday situations.

Job sites for volunteers and new opportunities

About the job places. I didn't even think that I would have so many opportunities, in fact BR Armenia can help you get a job in any place that interests you. The most wonderful thing is that there is an opportunity to mix different professions, now besides the fact that I work as a massage therapist, I help the director with the filming of commercials and work together with a team of singers in the theater.

About Birthright Armenia. I will say briefly. I feel great pride and gratitude for what this team is doing.

About Armenia. I will be brief here, too. This is a place where they are waiting for you, where you are welcome. But personally, I wish that everyone who comes here, aspires to put in this country a part of his soul and efforts, because our homeland not simply deserves it, it needs it.



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