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28 Sep, 2022

Expanding Alumni Opportunities Post-Program

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Volunteers offered free housing after their volunteering program ends to see if they can find paying jobs so they can stay in Armenia. Up until now, that opportunity existed only within Yerevan but now the “Pathway” program expanded to Gyumri

Did you know that 300+ of our own, approximately 13% of our Birthright Armenia and AVC alumni base, now live in Armenia? With active development in so many sectors and industries, long-term living in Armenia is a real post-volunteering option that we encourage and support our participants to explore as one of life’s many possibilities. As part of our Pathway to Armenia Program, a two-person alumni Next Step team on staff utilizes our vast network to help alumni connect with employers, secure employment and lodging, and overall facilitates a smooth integration for alumni interested in making a go of it in Armenia.

Pathway to Gyumri, Armenia 

Armenia is not just about the capital center of Yerevan, which is why our commitment to the success of Armenia involves regional development in the northern cities of Vanadzor and Gyumri. Gyumri is the second largest city in Armenia, but in terms of cultural traditions and preserved architecture, it is second to none. Post-earthquake Gyumri has come a long way over the last 30 years and we look forward to our alumni playing a role in helping Gyumri recapture its glory days of the past. In support of repatriating alumni, we just celebrated the grand opening of our new Pathway to Armenia living quarters in Gyumri, a fully renovated, two-floor facility that can house up to six alumni at a time for their first few months upon arrival to give them the support they need to focus on the job seeking process.

The newly opened Gyumri Pathway to Armenia program follows on the success of our existing Pathway program in Yerevan, which since its opening in 2013 has supported nearly 100 alumni in their quest to live and work in Armenia. Our team provides regular consultations with job-seeking alumni, and assists in all areas of residency permits, citizenship applications, and more.

Learn more about the opportunities we offer to our BR participants here and AVC participants here and visit our alumni page to explore opportunities for those who successfully complete their volunteering service.



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