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06 Jul, 2021

#StrongerArmenia2021. You've pictured it, now do it.

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Given the ongoing urgency in Armenia, we continue hosting Diaspora Armenian volunteers, and not only, specializing in IT, science, healthcare, law, and more, eager to invest through their targeted efforts. As of right now, we have about 90 participants from different countries, of different ages and backgrounds. They are working with organizations in all spheres, aiming to contribute to the present and future of Armenia. What about you?Armenia deserves your time.

Gabriela Mullukian (Uruguay) and Manvel Grigoryan (France) currently volunteer with one of the local start-ups, helping to make prosthetics for soldiers. Their role is to identify, process, and then translate different signals sent by human muscles into electrical movements, to help with project management and business development. They see themselves as warriors who continue fighting despite the daily issues Armenia faces.

The skills of volunteers from the medical sphere are also very valuable in Armenia. Psychologists, social workers, junior and senior surgeons and other healthcare workers are here to support their country. Arvin Kamali (USA) is here to help at local hospitals. While in Armenia, Arvin even undertook numerous night shifts working day and night for a common objective.

Ani Voskanyan (Argentina) specializes in Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). She volunteered at the Muratsan Hospital Complex Clinic and provided psychological and medical assistance to the soldiers injured in the Artsakh war and their families.Darya Jumel (France),an art therapist, is here with a similar mission. She came to help the children develop their language of emotions at All for Armenia. Through her trauma-informed approaches, she is providing psychological support to child victims of the 2020 Artsakh war. Her active, caring, and generous nature makes her ideally suited for this mission. "In Armenia, the trauma of war plunges some children into silence. I decided to bring my energy and skills to contribute to the healing recovery of Artsakh children and their families; to empower the voices of those most impacted by this war."

"My advice is to come to Armenia because there is so much to do here."Ani Voskanyan

We will continue sharing with you real-time stories of volunteers who decided to put aside their daily life, hop on a plane and come to Armenia to do impactful work. Certainly, you can also help build #StrongerArmenia2021. You've pictured it, now do it.


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