"One Province. One Song": connect the world with Armenia and Artsakh through music

Have you heard the tunes of One Province. One Song."«Մեկ Մարզ, Մեկ Երգ»? a project led by Alin Demirjian, 2011, that aims to connect the world with Armenia and Artsakh through music. An initiative that mobilized with the support of the Next Step Alumni Grants has now been completed. 19 videos taking us through Armenia and Artsakh, telling stories through music, collaboration, and unity.

This journey was a very cultural and artistic one, each episode carrying emotions that discovered the diversity of the local musical scene and the cultural identity of each province (‘marz’) in Armenia and Artsakh. The team travelled in different marzes to find the songs specific to that location, collaborated with people of the specific locations to preserve the authenticity of the songs.

The Inspiration

The “One Province, One Song” project was born in July 2018 after Alin visited Armenia with her mother. -


“During that trip I had a vision, a dream: to visit each region of Armenia and Artsakh and discover and share the diversity of the Armenian music scene today, together with local artists from each region. It was a boost. I returned to Buenos Aires and thought about that project day and night. I imagined it...I spent a few months trying to finance it until I remembered the possibility of applying for the Birthright "Next Step Alumni Grant". So I wrote this cultural and educational project and waited until the answer came: I was awarded the grant! What a happy moment!

From Buenos Aires, then, I started talking to friends in Armenia and asking them to recommend professionals to put together my team in Yerevan. It was not easy to interview many people with a video call and choose the people who would travel and work with me for months. But I did it. I was scared because it was a totally new experience as a producer and director of such a big project, but I was also very excited! In addition, during the months that I was in Buenos Aires, together with the musical director of the project we did a big research about musicians and bands in each region of Armenia and Artsakh. The goal was to find musicians of different musical styles, which was not an easy task. It took a lot and I got in touch with a lot of people! Luckily all the artists responded very well to the proposal to participate in the project.

Also, as it is a cultural and educational project, I toured each Armenian school in South America and also groups of young people and scouts, to tell them about the project that I would carry out in the Motherland and that everyone could follow it through social networks. I also created activities for high school students so that they would feel involved in the project and discover more about Armenia, Artsakh and their current music scene. So that they can be connected in a real and current way with Armenia, and not only through history or what is learned in school. (I repeated this months later in the Armenian community of Athens and the feedback was very good). Also, of course, another goal was to tell young people about the BR organization.


Meeting the team

In August 2019 I traveled to Armenia. I had high expectations, high emotions, fear and happiness. I met what would be the One Province, One Song team and I was very happy. We really put together a beautiful team in which everyone worked tirelessly to make this project go ahead. Everyone believed and trusted our goals. Together we learned a lot of things. It was a great experience. We discovered Armenia, Artsakh, we met local artists from each region, we contacted and received help from all local governments, as an artist I expanded my ability to adapt to new musical styles, we met different dialects of our Armenian language, we discussed, we had fun, we solved problems and we’ve tried to transmit all this in the best possible way through social networks.


The moment is here

Months after the tour, the video and audio editing process began and in November we started uploading all the episodes on YouTube. Every Monday a new episode. So until the end of March. Mission accomplished!!! Of course it has exceeded all my expectations and I am immensely grateful. I hope you have enjoyed it too!”

Alin Demirdjian, 2011
We invite you all to join us in this journey and check out the full project by visiting Alin’s YouTube channel.

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