Interested in architecture, marketing, tourism, healthcare, or a variety of other internship possibilities? Looking for a professional, career-oriented placement, or perhaps something less formal? The choices are many and very exciting!

"Professionally, I never thought I would be so challenged in a positive way.  I learned so much through my work."

Loris Noruzzi, England

Internship Sites

  • Birthright Armenia maintains an extensive, current database of potential job placements for volunteers within Yerevan and the regions. These placements include positions in non-profit and international organizations, as well as in the private business sector and state institutions.  We offer volunteer and internship positions in a wide variety of fields, a small sampling listed below to give you an idea of some possibilities.  Actual job placements get filled on a first come first served basis, and take into consideration a volunteer’s previous experience, qualifications/skill set, and of course the current needs of the job site at any given time. 


Diasporan organizations with youth internship programs in Armenia

  • Many diasporan organizations have summertime internship programs in Armenia, and offer their programs to a wide variety of Armenian youth. 

Still Under Age 21?

  • Many of you might be looking for opportunities to engage in Armenia as a volunteer but you don't yet meet our 21 years old minimum age requirement. No need to worry. We’ve listed several opportunities that would welcome your participation, as young as age 13, and you’re welcome to explore these possibilities directly with those organizations.