icon Nine-week Minimum
You must complete a minimum of nine weeks of volunteer service in Armenia. The only exception is for full-time working professionals, regardless the age, who have valuable skills to share but who have limited time away from their job – their minimum volunteer service is 4 weeks
icon Heritage
You must be of Armenian heritage (at least one grandparent must be fully Armenian). If you are not Armenian, check out for the same opportunities.
icon Age/Education
You must be between the ages of 21 and 32 years, and must have graduated from high school (secondary school). If you are older than 32, check out for the same opportunities.
icon Former residents of Armenia
Former citizens of Armenia are only eligible if they can prove by official documentation that they left Armenia before the age of 15.


Be ahead of the competition: Volunteering is an excellent way to gain valuablework experience and even more impressive when that volunteerism is performedinternationally. Your resume will stand out as unique from the rest.

Learn: Get hands-on work experience in a developing country while you learn moreabout your ancestral history, language, and culture. Explore new challenges anddiscover new career options, and get in touch with your inner you!

Contribute: Help shape a nation by applying knowledge and skills learned oncampus.

Make new friends: Meet passionately curious volunteers like yourself from allaround the world who come to work toward a common goal. Establish life-longrelationships with your host families, work colleagues, neighbors and local peers.

Network: Through current event meetings, group lectures and social gatherings, we’ll help you make key connections in Armenia and learn from the inside out what isgoing on in Armenia and how you can play a role.

Enjoy the adventure: Armenia is one of the most beautiful places you’ll ever visit in your lifetime!

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